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Why buy an Electric Bike?

Electric bicycles are a healthy, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly method of transportation that offer all the same great benefits as traditional cycling but with some extras.  Let’s have a look at some of those:

    • For the Commuter – Enjoy the benefits of commuting by bike including fresh air, exercise, saving money and convenience without the normal cycling drawbacks. With an electric bike you can do your daily commute with less effort meaning you are no longer tired and sweaty in need of that shower by the time you get to work or falling asleep on lounge as soon as you get home.
    • For the general excursionist – Whether this be weekend or weekday errands or short trips to visit friends or family, the benefits are just as great. Once again, you can get there in a far better condition than if you rode a normal bike yet save money and the environment while keeping healthy. Fantastic!
  • EXTEND YOUR CYCLING LIFE – Don’t let those worn out knees get in the way!
    • For many who have either enjoyed cycling in the past or would like to get into bike riding now, there are often general health and/or mobility issues that make the cycling experience either difficult or at least uncomfortable.
    • Electric Bicycles can assist in these circumstances as they require less effort to ride and therefore provide the opportunity to enjoy to outdoor recreational and fitness benefits of cycling making it once again an enjoyable experience.
    • Have the confidence to be able to go further without worrying if you will have the energy to make it back or not.  Go as far as you are able on nil or low power and when it’s time, step up the power and relax.
    • Stop that last hill on the way home being the reason why you don’t go cycling. Your Electric bicycle will help you conquer those hills. All the way from gentle inclines to the steepest an Aseako Electric Bicycle with our patented 250W or 500W mid-drive motor lets you overcome these obstacles with ease.
  • SAVE MONEY – great on the hip pocket!
    • NO fuel, registration, insurance, tolls or parking costs and lower ongoing maintenance
    • You do the sums!  Electric Bikes add-up.
  • REGAIN OR MAINTAIN YOUR FITNESS – keep active, healthy and live life!
    • You like riding and find it a good way to keep fit but want to do it with less stress and more enjoyment.  Remove roadblock or challenges you might face with standard bikes
  • MOTORHOME TRANSPORT – easy to get around convenience!
    • For those lucky enough to find themselves travelling the open road, an electric bike provides a great alternative to having to take your Motorhome everywhere with you or towing that extra small car.
    • Pack your electric bike and make running local errands easier and more fun while saving money and getting some exercise all at the same time.  You can even use them to get to those favourite locations that are a little out of comfortable walking distance.  What more could you ask for!
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – We all should do our bit!
    • No fuel emissions

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