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ASEAKO Electric Bike – FAQ’s

No you don’t need a licence, registration or insurance as long as the electric bike meets the minimum legal requirements being maximum 250W power, max 6 km/h under electric only power and max 25kh under pedal assist power.

Otherwise, all standard road rules apply as regular bicycles.

If you’ve lost your licence, an Aseako Electric Bike could be a great option to get around.

In legal on-road mode, the motor is allowed to assist you up to a max up 25 km/h.  You are however allowed to go faster than this under your own pedal power just like a normal bicycle.

In off-road mode, under throttle only electric power the top speed on flat terrain is around 30 – 32 km/h depending on size of rider, headwinds and other conditions.  In pedal assist mode, it can be faster than this depending on the how much additional effort you wish put in pedalling.

There are a number of differences between the Mid-Drive Motor and a typical Hub Drive Motor.

Here are 2 of the key advantages:

  • Performance – Mid-Drive Motors are known for higher performance and torque when compared to a similarly-powered Traditional Hub Motor. A key reason for this is because the mid-drive motor drives the crank, instead of the wheel itself. This multiplies the motor’s power and allows it to better take advantage of the bike’s existing gears.
  • Maintenance – your bike’s Mid-Drive Motor is designed to make maintenance and service extremely easy. You can remove and replace the entire motor assembly by simply removing two special bolts, without having to access any other part of the bike. This means that virtually any regular bike shop can easily perform troubleshooting and repairs. On the other hand, with a Traditional Hub Motor on the rear wheel, even basic maintenance tasks such as removing the wheel to change a flat tire can become complicated processes.

For further information on the advantages of Aseako Mid Drive Electric Bikes visit ‘Our Advantage’.

Ahead of the rest! – This is a particular advantage of the Aseako electric bike.  Our unique and patented mid-drive motor & gearbox combination drive make even some of the steepest hills an effortless exercise.  See Our Advantage for more information.

This depends on a number of factors including battery size, your weight, your riding style, your local terrain and other environmental conditions.

Dependent on the above factors, there is an estimated distance expectation of between 30km – 60km per charge.  Climbing hills often, not providing much pedal assistance and experiencing headwinds will all reduce the maximum distance you can achieve.

From flat it is around 3- 5 hours but as the batteries are quality Lithium Ion they have no memory and actually prefer to be charged more often for less time.

Yes, absolutely, it can be charged while attached to the bike, or it can be removed and charged.

The battery has a security lock that prevents removal of battery from the bike however it is a 10 second job to unlock and remove if you wish to charge it while off the bike or you want to make it lighter to lift onto your bike rack.

Our complete electric bicycles range in price from $1599 to $2749 – depending on the model and options selected.

We are able to offer such great price points for our electric bicycles because we cut out the middlemen and sell directly to you thereby eliminating the mark-up that retail dealers require so we can pass those savings on to you!

Find out more by visitng our Models page.

Most orders, assuming we have the item in stock, will be shipped within 24 hours.

We ship via Toll Ipec  and you will need to allow between 3 -7 days for delivery depending on your location.

On the afternoon of us shipping your new Electric Bike we will email you with a shipping advice that includes a tracking number which you can use to trace the delivery status of your bike live on the Toll track n trace website.

Your ASEAKO Electric Bike arrives 98% assembled. You will need to insert the handlebars (allen key supplied), insert the front wheel (quick release nuts), insert the front mudguard (allen key supplied) and screw the pedals on. 30 minutes max and you are ready to ride!

Yes – that may be possible via appointment. We have a number of locations where you can potentially have a test ride. If this is something you would like to arrange then please give us a call and we can advise what the options might be in your area.

ASEAKO Electric Bikes have been designed with all wire connections inside the frame and with the entry points secured with rubber seals to make them water resistant. The other key electrical components being the motor, controller and battery have also been designed to be protected from water. That said however, while the average rain storm is unlikely to be an issue, you should use common sense when deciding in what conditions to travel, just as you would with a regular bike or other means of transportation. We also advise against storing the bike in the open where it may be exposed to continuous rain or excessive heat.

There is no more servicing than a standard pedal bike. All of the electrics and gear drive are sealed so no maintenance is required over and above a standard bike.

Aseako electric bicycles have been engineered to a level that make them generally very reliable however if at any time you do experience a technical issue then we have a simple service and warranty process to assist.

The key first step is to report the issue via our website or direct via email or phone.

Once we have been notified of the issue, we will then proceed through our standard troubleshooting process to clarify the problem and then work with you to rectify.

There are a number of ways that we can have the problem sorted depending on whether it is under warranty or not.  If the issue requires professional attention we have a number of established service centres in key centres to which we can refer you or otherwise we can identify suitable service partners convenient to you that we can guide through the process.

All Aseako Electric Bikes have been designed to be easy to work on making it a relatively easy process to repair.

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