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ASEAKO electric bikes have been carefully designed around providing the optimum rider experience. Since our beginning online in 2009, we have made continued improvements to our bikes based on customer feedback and advances in electrical and engineering technology to offer electric bikes that are technologically advanced and supremely built.

So what sets ASEAKO electric bikes apart from the rest?

1. Patented Mid-mount drive system (mid Drive)

ASEAKO Electric Bikes use a unique mid-mounted drive system that combines a High-Speed Brushless Motor with a geared reducer. This unique system allows the motor to operate more efficiently for longer when under load making available more of the motors maximum potential torque.

The Benefits of the Aseako mid drive system include:

  • Superior hill climbing ability – Taking more advantage of the available potential torque provides the Aseako Electric Bike with superior hill climbing capability compared to many of your typical the Hub Motor E-Bikes.
  • Improved use of existing gearsAs a mid-mount drive, the power is applied at the crank, where its designed to be applied and therefore can take better advantage of the bikes existing gear system (derailleur or internal hub) further improving your Aseako e-bikes ability to navigate hilly terrain with less effort compared to many of the typical hub-motor bikes. This design also provides a more natural ride experience.


  • Improved Battery Performance – Operating your motor closer to its peak efficiency point can assist in improving battery performance under load.
  • Ease of Maintenance – your bike’s Mid-Drive is designed in such a way that makes maintenance and service simple. The entire motor assembly can be removed and replaced by way of undoing a couple bolts and unplugging a few wires – all without affecting any other aspect of the bike. This means that virtually any regular bike, shop can easily perform the troubleshooting and repairs.
    This compares to a typical hub drive bike which has the motor in the rear wheel, where even basic maintenance tasks such as taking off the wheel to change a flat tire can become a more complicated endeavour.
  • Ride Handling – ASEAKO Mid-Drive motor is positioned close to the centre of gravity and low to the ground. This helps improve the overall handling of your electric bike, as the weight is distributed better throughout the bike. In addition, the application of power assistance direct to the crank provides a ride that is far closer to your traditional non-electric bike feel.
  • NO Motor Resistance – The design of the ASEAKO Mid-Drive results in absolutely no additional resistance from the motor when pedaling causing no extra strain and making it operate and feel just like a regular bike.

2. Intelligent Pedal Assistance

With ASEAKO you are in control. The ASEAKO Intelligent Control System (ICS) provides you, the rider, with multiple levels of support giving you the freedom to help manage range while providing you with the confidence that the assistance you need to complete your journey using your chosen level of effort is ready to be activated when you require.

All models are equipped with a easy to use control panel that provides you with 3 options for riding:

i. Pedal Only – The bike is ridden just like a regular bicycle, powered by the rider with no assistance OR resistance from the motor.

ii. Throttle Only (No pedaling) – This option allows the rider to simply twist the throttle in order to engage the motor and start moving under motor power only. Under law, this has a max speed limitation and if used exclusively will drastically reduce the range of the battery but it does provide a very convenient method to get started, particularly on hills where using only pedal power to get started may be more difficult. However pedaling of course, even lightly, will help you get the most out of your bike.

iii. Pedal Assist – The on-board computer activates the motor only when the pedals are turned/used in order to assist the rider. This mode makes it easier to pedal up hills and against the wind. The rider can control the level of assistance that is received from the motor. Using the bicycle in this mode requires no effort on the part of the rider.

3. Quality Components

ASEAKO Electric Bicycles are high-performance, electric-powered bicycles, constructed for a premium riding experience. All of our components have been carefully selected or engineered to provide comfort, convenience, and performance and ensure a lifetime of unbeatable riding. Major brand component partners include Shimano, Tektro and Samsung.

4. Functional and appealing design

Be impressed that while we have focused on building a technologically advanced electric bicycle, we have not forgotten the principles of good design and have worked hard to make each of our models present as both functional and stylish suited to each of their targeted uses. From rugged mountain bike good looks with dual suspension to a versatile cross over model and our more classic retro design, all models are designed to look great and function even better.

5. Safety and Legality

Your ASEAKO Electric bike has an abundance of features that improve safety and ensure legal compliance including:

  • Brake sensors that stop the motor immediately the brakes are applied.
  • Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) that stop the motor when pedaling has stopped.
  • Speed sensor and limiter to meet legal requirements.
  • Current limit and temperature limit controls
  • Overcharge and over discharge protection.

ASEAKO Electric Bikes – Exceptional performance and design at value prices.

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