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I have just purchased the Aseako Alto and I love it. After sorting through so much information about e-bikes on the internet, the Aseako Alto rose to the top of my list because it looked good, and the price was reasonable. I’d also heard good things about the crank drive. But it was still a leap of faith to buy something without a test ride. I shouldn’t have worried, though. The Aseako Alto is everything it is advertised to be. I’m 64 years old and live in a town that has the most amazing bike trail beside the ocean. But I can’t get to the trail without going up several very steep hills. My former electric bike (a regular bike converted with an e-bike kit), could barely limp to the top. But my Aseako Alto handles these problem hills with ease. The pedal-assist is new to me, and I think it works great. What’s nice, too, is that I can ride without the power if I choose to, and the bike handles like a regular bike. Everything about the bike is brilliantly engineered and the whole thing comes in a box, delivered free to your door. Best present to myself ever!

I highly recommend it.

Susan Pryke
Narooma, NSW

I would just like to say that I love my ASEAKO 250W ALTO bike !!! I have had a previous electric bike with hub drive and your bike just creams it! Not to mention that the other one only lasted 12 months before the bearings and battery went. I could not get parts or find anyone willing to repair it so I gave up riding for a while as it was becoming a real struggle.

NOW with my new bike, (with the central drive and that extra bearing), I have found it very easy to ride. In fact too easy!!! My rides without battery power are now longer and the dog has trouble keeping up. I am not a fit person at all and rely on the battery to get me home if I have pushed the limit, but this bike’s lack of resistance has bought the enjoyment back big time.

I highly recommend it.

Karen P
Gelong, VIC

I brought a Zoco Xtreme about 3 months ago after owning an Aseako Sport which was a brilliant bike. I am 57 years old and have been riding since i was 10 years old. The Zoco has to be by far the best bike i have owned, it is a pleasure to ride. Handling is brilliant with smooth riding. I have recommended the Zoco to many people; customer service is second to none.

Dominic Carbone
Stirling, WA

I’m very happy with the first Aseako electric bike I had and also with the Zoco that I have at present . Very pleased with with the follow up service that I received and still receiving. Great bikes for the Maleny hills especially since I am waiting for a hip replacement . Pro Electric Bikes is a good company to deal with.

Peter Doyle
Maleny, QLD

I was looking for transport when my wife and I are travelling in our motorhome. After a lot of research, I decided to purchase a pair of Aseako e-bikes, a Sport and an Alto .Twelve months and hundreds of kilometres later the Aseakos have performed fantastically over tracks, trails and roads , Aseako after-sales service has been second to none . We have been so impressed with our Aseako e=bikes and had so much fun on them, we purchased the new Cruiser for Joy a few weeks ago and I added a throttle and disc brakes to my Sport. Excellent product , excellent service and great value for money … Oh and did I mention ….. Just so much fun!

David Egan
Woonthaggi, VIC

Well I took delivery of this bike in under a week from the warehouse in Sydney to my house in Perth . Awesome stuff . On opening the box it came in it was pretty well 100% assembled. On with the pedals and handle bars a quick top up of the battery and I was away. From the moment I rode the ZOCO Xtreme I loved the Alfine 11 speed gears and power of the motor. The torque of the motor is astounding. Click it up through the gears and wrap on the throttle and your flying in no time. I love the confidence I have in the bike when having to merge with traffic or crossing intersections you really can accelerate to a safe situation.

One of my biggest concerns getting an electric bike is that I was not going to get a work out riding you know get a bit lazy. I learnt that to get more distance out of the battery you have to share the load and when going downhill these bikes really motor along by pedalling (momentum)and not using the throttle. So there is a period of learning to ride an electric bike but once you get used to using the power to assist in the really hilly parts of your ride and pedal as normal in other parts your heart rate is up there.

I wore a heart rate monitor on a recent 50 km ride and at 57 years of age I my heart rate was in the burning fat zone for a fair percentage of my ride. The joy about these bikes is you can commute to your destination much faster and when encountering the really steep hills you can conquer them in very quick time and still get a work out.

When riding with mates I transport my E-bike to another location using a bike rack mounted on the towbar of my car. I have found the bike easy to lift onto and off my Thule bike rack and travel to sites where we go off-road. This bike comes into its own off-road – handles and rides so well and I can fly up hills and over jumps without any dramas not to mention the Adrenaline rush.

I am very happy with the ZOCO Extreme not to mention it looks awesome as well, since I have had the bike it has certainly been a topic of conversation amongst my family and friends and work colleagues.

I honestly think that the electric bike scene will just get bigger I for one am totally hooked Thanks for a great product Shaun.

Gary Bruecher
Clarkson, WA

We love our bikes.

Three years ago we moved UP to Aseako central drive bikes. Over many years I owned several types of ebikes. The first time I rode an ASEAKO, I realized how good they are, so much better than anything else I had ridden. They have been fantastic.

We ride at least twice a week, and my wife would not do that on an unpowered bike. This made it very enjoyable to get great exercise and fantastic for improving our lifestyle.

We ride at least twice a week, and my wife would not do that on an unpowered bike. This made it very enjoyable to get great exercise and fantastic for improving our lifestyle.

Very recently we have moved to the Aseako Cruiser style of bike, which is very comfortable to ride, just as powerful and easy to use. They have a longer wheelbase, and a lower seat position, which is excellent for my wife.

We have just had a fantastic trip down the Great Ocean Road, and rode every day on fantastic and scenic tracks. Nothing is too hard for these bikes. I highly recommend these bike, and all the ASEAKO range, and particularly have to say that the sales service was perfect, and after sales, incredible. Nothing is too difficult for Pro Electric Bikes.

Do it now!

Col & Krys Henry
Central Coast, NSW

I have been riding an Aseako Tourney e-bike for the past 3-4 months now and I love it. My ride to work is 8km one way with under-paths and moderate climbs. My e-bike allows me to take the climbs without too much exertion thanks to the geared motor. I had a few other e-bikes before but this one is the best so far. Performance, safety, looks and overall quality are superb. Best value for money and Shaun is very helpful too.

I can even go up a steep climb in the lowest gear without pedalling if I want to. I prefer however, the pedal assist mode while riding my bike. This mode is well adjusted for easy riding. Thanks to my e-bike I can decide how much exercise I want – not the terrain !

Dieter Pelz
Heathmont, VIC

My Aseako Tourney arrived the very next day, FREE express post. Went together easy enough, bolt on wheel, peddles, mud guard and handle bars, 15 mins tops. Bikes are all you could hope for given the lousy Aust limited power. But for road legal, I imagine this bike is the best you can do!

Lights, big quality battery, disc brakes.. The CRANK drive is the thing though, Google it… It really is as good as they say. If you see this as a motor bike, it is a complete failure.

If you see this as a push bike that takes out all the effort then it’s a Complete success!

I love it and recommend it highly! Best road legal electric bike!

David Robertson
Port Macquarie, NSW

I bought my Aseako Sport in September 2011. It arrived promptly and in good order and was easy to assemble the front wheel and handlebars.

Since then I have covered 15000km while my 4wd stood in my driveway. The bike has paid for itself many times over. I find that,living at the top of a hill that I take my Aseako where previously I would have used the car. So I get plenty of exercise which means I shall probably live to 150 like Hockey says. Weighing in at 103kg I find the central drive is a big advantage in hill climbing. The seller of non-geared drives hasn’t noticed that all cars and 4wd’s have one gear only. Or am I wrong? I have made a small trailer for the bike in which I regularly carry 30 cans of beer, a couple of litres of wine and other odds and ends to the top of my hill.

Service from Aseako has been outstanding. All my queries have been promptly answered and additional information such as diagrams of wiring and construction details have been supplied by return of email. Parts have arrived by return of post.

So in summary I can say I shall never again be without an electric bike and it will probably always be an Aseako.

Lance Keogh
Canberra, ACT

Having first purchased a hub drive e-bike I was disappointed with the climbing ability as we live in a hilly area. However after getting two crank drive Aseako Alto  bikes 1 year ago we have been very pleased with their performance, and are a pleasure to ride. Now we look for hills for the challenge!

I found it easy to rectify some minor problems, with instructions via speaker phone from Shaun, by myself . You will not be let down by this team.

There is a learning curve with these bikes as you tend to forget that they are only pushbikes.  They are powerful when needed and the thrill you get when you become confident is second to none.

I have been able to cut out short motor vehicle trips to neighbours and saved lots of time doing weed patrol and fence checks on our rural property. Having the universal style of frame enables me to get on and off easily. Surf checks and photography missions are another bonus.

Both bikes have been fitted with a 40mm extension on the front stem to raise the handlebars so that we sit more upright and is more comfortable with minimal reduction in steering control – Pro Electric Bikes has informed me that all of their bikes are now fitted standard with much higher handlebars for a more upright sitting position.

We have a small timber ramp, which we put on the side of our tray back ute and with a slight (careful) twist of the throttle they zip up onto the ute tray for travel. They are tied widthways onto the rear rack of the ute.

There is a high danger of reliving your youth with these machines!

Chris & Jan Polglase
Tanja, NSW

Just a short email to let you know how pleased I am with my new Zoco Rossa 250W Electric Bike.

It is of the highest quality, very well made and assembled. Some engineer has really thought this out, nothing missed.

Powerful, smooth in operation, a joy to ride. I have done quite a few kilometers in the 2 weeks I’ve had it, and never tired or sore even after a long journey.

Delivery was fast and well packaged. Assembly quick and easy.

A great value for the price and a joy to own.

Tony Wall
Sturt, SA

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