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What Type Of Bike Rack Do I Need?

What type of Bike Rack do I Need?

We get this question a lot, what type of bike rack do I need to carry my electric bike or in most case 2 x electric bikes, as we get orders from a lot of people that travel around the country in motor homes.

You have two options….

As long as your current bike rack is rated high enough to carry the extra weight of an electric bike (as electric bikes are heavier than normal bikes), then you can just use your standard bike rack and in most cases you would need to purchase a connector bar as per the one pictures below; these are available online or at your local bike shop.


Your other option is to purchase a bike rack which is designed especially for Electric Bikes. There are a few different companies out there that sell bike racks for electric bikes. Thule is one and Yakima is the other; there may be more but these are the only two brands that we have had experience with.

The Thule electric bike rack is quite expensive and carries two electric bikes; but I know its a quality unit as we have seen it first hand.

The Yakima Electric Bike rack is very well priced and based on positive feedback from our existing customers, this is excellent value for money. One of our loyal customers has sent in some pictures of his Yakima Electric Bike rack which is mounted on the tow bar of his motor home.

If you search online you will find both bike racks available in the marketplace.

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