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Surrey Bike Vs. Electric Bike: Sorry, Surrey!

Surrey Bike Vs. Electric Bike: Sorry, Surrey!

Surrey Bike Vs. Electric Bike: Sorry, Surrey!

Though they seat six or more, don’t ride a surrey bike with your friends and family. Electric bikes are way cooler, more convenient, and more practical.

The Beast Vs. The Beauty

A surrey bike is called that because it looks like a horse-drawn cart from the last century. The only reason it’s called a bike is because it has pedals. It has a bench seat or two, and a canopy over the top. They’re often found at touristy destinations…but even if you’re in paradise, you’ll still look like a pedicab driver if you ride one!

An electric bike like one of Aseako’s models not only looks like a bike, it looks like cool bike. You and your friends can ride circles around the poor idiot stuck on a surrey bike pedaling his girlfriend and her parents around.

Surrey Bikes Are Like A Fat Man In A Nice Suit

Surrey bikes are slow, big, and heavy…they can weigh more than 200 pounds, before your mom and dad even climb aboard! And if you’re riding around with your parents, you know who’s going to have to do most of the pedaling. Hint: it’s not your mother.

How are you going to get that thing up a hill? You’d better have calves like Lance Armstrong!

In the battle of surrey bike vs. electric bike, the e-bike wins every time. On electric bikes, you and your family can zip around at virtually unlimited speeds, and take on all kinds of terrain. If you want the exercise, pedal away. Want a more relaxing ride? Let the battery bike do some of the work for you.

No Parking Zone

How many sidewalks can accommodate a surrey bike? You’ll need to keep ringing that bike’s bell to let pedestrians and other cyclists know to clear the way, ‘cause the big boy’s trying to get through.

Where will you park a surrey bike? Not at a bike rack, like you can with an electric bike. See a bar where you want to get a cold beer while sweating away on a surrey bike? You’ll have to pull that thing into a spot meant for a car, and really look stupid! And what’s to keep some kids from making away with your stupid surrey bike if you stop for lunch somewhere?

At home, where would you store a surrey bike? Will you park your car on the street to make enough room in the garage? Remember, these things are bigger than golf carts! An electric bike takes up no more room than a regular one would, so there’ll be space for your car and your e-bike.

Electric Bikes Are Futuristic And Fun

Leave the last century where it belongs…in the last century. And leave those ugly surrey bikes there, too. If you’re looking for a fun way to get around with your family and friends, check out this guide to help you choose the right electric bike.

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