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Service & Repairs

What is the process for service or repair on my Aseako Electric Bike?

We understand that when you buy directly through an online store that you may have concerns about how warranty or post warranty service requirements will be handled.  You can be assured that we pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service which will continue for years after your purchase.

So here is how we manage this….

  • Easy Maintenance Design

    The first point to note about ASEAKO Electric Bikes is that the majority of the mechanical components on ASEAKO Electric Bikes are all good quality branded standard bicycle components. These include Items like the Shimano Gears, Tektro brakes etc.   In terms of the more specialised electrical components — the motor, battery and controller — they have been built with a plug and play approach in mind, which means that a service professional simply needs to remove the old part and plug a new one back in. This approach ensures that almost any  good bike shop or other professional service person can handle troubleshooting and fixing of any problem.

  • Aseako Exceptional service

Even though you may be buying the bike online, you’ll find that with us, local support is never more than an email or a phone call away.  If you experience any sort of technical issue, we are generally available Mon through Sat to take your call however if for some reason we cannot, we guarantee to get back to you by the next business day.  Our objective is to have you out riding and enjoying the benefits of your Aseako Electric Bicycle as you want.

  • Aseako Service Support Centres

To provide solid service support to our customers we have built a network of Aseako Service Support centres around Australia.  Obviously we will refer you to the closest one in your area but should there not be one close, we will work with you to identify a local preferred service partner and we will arrange to have them look after you and guide them through the process as required.

Once again, whatever it takes to get you back out and riding as soon as possible.

So, if you have a problem what do you do?

In the event that a fault does arise then we have a simple and effective process.

  1. Notify –  Contact Aseako directly via either email or phone with a detailed and accurate description of the fault and/or symptoms being experienced to assist us in efficiently diagnosing the problem.
  2. Troubleshoot – Once reported, we will contact you to clarify the problem and work with us through the troubleshooting process to help us develop a resolution plan.  This may include the supply of photos or other supporting information to assist diagnosis.
  3. Rectify – Where practical we may ask you to assist in replacing faulty parts. If however this is not practical and the bicycle requires more professional attention, we will then work with you to arrange an appointment at a local bike shop or other appropriate service supplier to investigate and resolve the issue.  In the case of no suitable service agent being available, ASEAKO will work with customer to arrange shipping of relevant parts to an official ASEAKO service centre for repair.
  4. Get back out riding!

Where to from here?

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