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ASEAKO ULTRA II 250W / 500W ELECTRIC BIKE Nuvinci Optimised

From: $2,849.00

The Aseako Ultra II 250W / 500W Dual mode Electric Bike features our latest unique e-bike development. Based on our Aseako Alto & Aventi models, we have upgraded the power and management system with our unique 250W / 500W mode selection that allows you to select 250W On-road mode at which time all power and speed limitations are engaged in accordance with on road usage regulations. Alternatively, when off-road you can select 500W mode to get the extra power you need.

In addition, we are now using the NuVinci 380 Continuously Variable Tramsmission (Find out more at NuVinci) which provides a superior gear management system and creates a simpler and smoother riding experience.

Other standard features of the Aseako Ultra II include:

  • Smart LCD control panel with power and distance management – speed, trip distance.
  • Twist throttle power control along with standard pedal assist function
  • Samsung 48V 10aH battery
  • NuVinci 380 continuously variable transmission. (See NuVinci for more detail)
  • RockShox front suspension forks with adjustment and lockout
  • Tektro disc brakes front and back with electric motor cut-off function for additional safety
  • Velo Air seat – wide and extremely comfortable making for a great ride
  • Our unique mid-drive motor/reducer combination that works with the gears to provide superior hill climbing ability and better battery performance
  • Semi swept back handlebar with adjustable neck to provide a more upright riding position for those who prefer that or otherwise simply adjust it back down.
  • Integrated front and rear lighting
  • Built in rear rack suitable for attaching pannier bags or baskets to carry those extra items.

The Aseako Ultra II represents great value for an easy to ride crossover e-bike suitable in both on-road and off-road situations and able to handle the toughest hills.

Note: This bike may not meet legal on-road requirements in some jurisdictions.     


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  • Top of seat padding in its lowest position to the ground – 880mm
  • Top of seat padding in its highest position to the ground -1030 mm
  • Top of seat padding in its lowest position to the top of the pedal in its lowest position – 730mm
  • Top of seat padding in its highest position to the top of the pedal in its lowest position – 910mm
  • Middle of seat post to middle of handlebar stem / fork – 580mm
  • Bottom of step through to ground – 520mm


Samsung 48V 10Ah Advanced Lithium Ion Technology© Quick release


Range on one 10Ah battery charge can be up to 60 or more km per charge however this is under optimum riding conditions and using good rider management – i.e. efficient use of power levels, gears and reasonable rider input. On average we find a more realistic expectation is around 30 – 40km depending on terrain, rider size, rider input level and weather conditions such as wind and rain. This is based on using “Medium / High” power assist mode most of the time. If a lower level of “power assist” is used then your battery range can increase.

Power control

The Aseako Ultra now comes with our new unique dual mode 250W and 500W selection mode. This allows you to select 250W mode at which time the control system limits the output of the motor to 250W and implements speed limits in accordance with on-road usage regulations.  This is called On-Road mode.

The 500W  Off-Road mode is then available for off-road usage. Note: This power option does NOT meet on-road legal requirements.

There are 2 systems for applying power depending what mode you are operating in:

  1. In On-Road 250W mode you have 1 power application system being the standard Pedal Assist function.
    The Pedal assist system engages the motor when the rider starts to pedal and continue assisting until the rider stops pedaling, applies the brakes (safety feature) or the legal max 25 kmph assist speed limit is reached.
    There are 5 levels of power assistance accessed via a handlebar selection button and a LCD management panel.
  2. In OFF-Road 500W mode, you have both pedal assist function and a Twist Throttle function available.
    The Twist Throttle is located on the left hand grip. This allows you to keep your feet stationary and just ride using the twist throttle. You need to be aware that operating the bike in this manner will use more power and decrease you battery range and once again in this mode the bike is NOT legal to operate on public roads and pathways.  Also once again, when in 250W on-road mode, this throttle control function is NOT available.


Current legislation states that electric bikes must be limited to 250W power output and have a maximum speed of 25kph under pedal assist mode and 6kph under twist throttle mode. If you plan on riding your ASEAKO Ultra II bike off road, then you will be able to disable the speed limiter which will then allow you to reach speeds of approx 28-32kmh with a minimal amount of assistance from the rider using the pedal assist system. In 500W mode, you may be able to reach speeds of up to 38-42kmh under the same conditions.


250 / 500 watt brushless high torque crank motor

Battery charger

Your bicycle will come with a 240V “Smart Charger” which allows you to charge you battery while it is either attached to the bike, or you can remove your battery and charge it anywhere you like. Once the charge light turns from red to green, your battery is fully charged. Once the green fully charged light comes on, your charger will stop charging your battery.


Aluminum Alloy


Rock Shox with lockout


NuVinci 380 Continuously Variable Transmission.  Find out more: NuVinci


NuVinci Variable drive Twist grip selector.


Tektro Disc Brakes Front and Rear


26 inch HJC DA300 with Kenda cross 1.95 tyres.


Front & Rear LED’s


28.5kg (24.5kg without Battery)


Additional information


White, Black

Optional Battery Upgrade

10ah Samsung Battery – Included, 13aH Samsung Battery Upgrade

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