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The Aseako Alto is very popular with both men and women due to its unique frame design which is both stylish and very functional. The semi-step thru type frame makes the task of getting on and off your bike very easy and combined with the semi swept back handlebars which provides a little more upright positioning it makes it a joy to ride and looks great.

The Alto features front suspension and Tektro disc brakes front and back, Shimano 8 speed gears system and of course comes with the ever reliable hi-torque mid drive power system. There is also a battery upgrade option for those who need that extra range.

Perfect for commuting, doing the local errands, on the back of your RV or caravan or just enjoying the local area with family, the Alto is one of our most popular models.

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Current 250W Legislation states that electric bikes must be speed limited to 25kph under pedal assist mode and 6kph under twist throttle mode. If you plan on riding your ASEAKO bike off road, you will be able to disable the speed limiter which will then allow you to reach a top speed of up to 28 -32kmh subject to riding conditions i.e. incline, wind etc. and rider size. With a small amount of assistance from the rider you could potentially exceed this speed.


250 watt brushless high torque crank motor


Samsung 36V 10Ah Advanced Lithium Ion Technology© Quick release
Range on one battery charge can technically be up to 60 or more km per charge however this is under optimum riding conditions and using good rider management – i.e. efficient use of power levels, gears and reasonable rider input.  On average we find a more realistic expectation is around 30 – 40km depending on terrain, rider size, rider input level and weather conditions such as wind and rain. This is based on using “Medium / High” power assist mode most of the time. If a lower level of “power assist” is used then your battery capacity will increase significantly.

Battery charger

Your electric bicycle will come with a 240V “Smart Charger” which allows you to charge you battery while it is either attached to the bike, or you can remove your battery and charge it anywhere you like. Once the charge light turns from red to green, your battery is fully charged. Once the green fully charged light comes on, your charger will stop charging your battery.

Power control

Our Pedal Assist System engages the motor when the rider starts to pedal, the motor stops assisting when the rider stops pedaling, the brakes are applied or you reach the legal top pedal assist speed of 25km p/hr.
There are 3 levels of power assistance: Low, Med & High.

Our bikes also feature a Twist Throttle control which is located on the left hand grip. (Due to the gear levers being located on the RHS) This function makes it easy to get moving from a standing start up to 6km/h (reasonable walking speed) rather than having to get the bike moving manually and wait for the pedal assist function to kick in. In off-road mode, this means you can simply ride the bike under throttle only with no pedaling but please note that in off-road mode, it is not legal to ride on public roads and pathways.  See info under the “SPEED” heading.


Aluminum Alloy


Zoom 550 Suspension Alloy


Shimano Alivio 8 speed


Shimano RS410


Tektro Disc Brakes Front and Rear


26 inch HJC DA300 with Kenda cross use 1.95 tyres.


Front & Rear LED’s


28kg (24.5kg without Battery)

Additional information

Frame Size & Colour

Standard Frame All Black, Standard Frame All White


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom McNaught

    My first ride on this left me feeling amazed. I started riding up a hill with the low PAS setting. It was a tuff ride until I switched to medium setting, the power assist really made a difference. I then switched to high and could not believe how easily I was able to pedal up the hill. My wife had the same experience when she rode it. We purchased one of these so my wife could keep the pressure on me to push myself, at the same time, helping her to keep fit. We are looking forward to many hours of riding.

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