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NUVINCI N380 Continuously Variable Tramsmission

STEPLESS, EFFORTLESS shifting, even when under load

Tired of thinking about what gear you are in when you come to that special hill or worrying about gears locking or skipping? The NuVinci 380 CVT takes those concerns away through its revolutionary transmission which provides a perfectly relaxed ride and a smooth, stepless progression from one ratio to another, literally with a twist of the wrist.

Riding your electric bike has never been easier or more enjoyable.

What are the benefits of the NuVinci system?

• Easy, smooth, stepless shifting even when under load
• Shift gear even when stopped – no more picking the right gear to stop in so you can start in the right gear.
• Easy to use – no experience of practice necessary – just dial up the terrain and the system does the rest.
• No maintenance – as they are made up of self-contained systems there is no regular maintenance or adjustments necessary.
• Specially designed to withstand the high torque of an e-Bike.

Riding a NuVinci Optimized bike means concentrating less on changing gears and more on what’s important, for example: traffic, road hazards, passengers, and just the beauty of your surroundings

How do you operate the NuVinci CVT?

The unique NuVinci N380 gear hubs allow you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. Just twist the shifter slightly on the handlebar and the gear ratio is changed to any ratio within its range. This is easy to do, no matter if you are freewheeling, pedaling under load or waiting at a stoplight.

How does the NuVinci system work?

The NuVinci transmission features rotating planets that, over their ratio range, permit an infinite number of ratios between incoming power (from the chain through pedaling) and outgoing power (via the transmission flanges to the wheel). A manual or automatic controller tilts the planets on the horizontal axis, causing the gear ratio to change, and allows the application of pressure to the pedals accordingly. Maintenance to fix malfunctioning gears are now a thing of the past.

NuVinci technology is a continuously variable planetary (CVP) that is based on a set of rotating, tilting balls fitted between two rings. Figure 1 illustrates the basic components of the NuVinci CVP technology. As shown in Figure 1, the NuVinci technology has:

  • an input disc, or ring, driven by the power source.
  • an output disc, or ring, connected to the CVP output
  • a set of balls each rotating on its own axle and fitted between the input disc, output disc and a central “sun”to help maintain the balls in position.



Torque from an engine, motor or other input source (illustrated in Figure 1 by the blue line at the top with arrows going left to right) is transferred through the input disc to the balls using a thin layer of traction fluid.


The torque is then transmitted through the balls to the output disc. via another thin layer of traction fluid. The input disc and output disc are “clamped” onto the balls tightly so that the requisite amount of clamping force is provided for the amount of torque being transmitted. However, as indicated above, torque is transmitted through the traction fluid, which prevents destructive metal to metal contact between the balls and discs while providing traction for the balls and rings and lubrication for bearings and other components.

The speed of the output disc compared to the speed of the input disc, or speed ratio, is controlled by the angle of the ball axles relative to the axis of the transmission. Figure 2 illustrates that tilting the ball axles shifts the transmission from low to high (as shown left to right), or from high to low, or to any ratio in between. The number of balls used depends on several factors including torque and speed requirements, operational requirements and space considerations, among others.

Shift to comfort with one of our Aseako and Zoco, NuVinci Optimised electric bicycles.

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