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Lose Your Drivers Licence Because Of DUI?

Lose your Drivers Licence because of DUI?

Have you just gone DUI?

Are you now worried about how you are going to get to work?

Don’t worry, as the answer is an Electric Bike……

There is no need to worry about the hills on the way to work – our Aseako Electric Bikes use a patented High Torque Central Drive System which make hill climbing so much easier.

You will not raise a sweat riding an Electric Bike, so there is no need for showers when you arrive at work.

The resale value of Aseako Electric Bikes are also very good, so in the unlikely event that you decide you would like to sell your electric bike once your licence is given back to you, then you will receive a very good resale price.

You do not need to have a drivers licence to ride our 250W Electric Bikes as its 100% legal to ride a 250W Electric Bikes on Australia roads and footpaths, just like a normal pushbike.

We sell hundreds of bikes every year to people who have lost their licence for various reasons, so if you were not aware that Electric Bikes actually existed, then now you know so give us a call.

We delivery Free of Charge to just about everywhere in Australia, direct to your door.

If you would like to discuss our Electric Bikes with a sales person then please call 07 5448 9418 or email us at

You can also view all of our Electric Bike models here –

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