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Electric Mopeds Vs. Electric Bicycles

Electric Mopeds vs. Electric Bicycles

Electric Mopeds vs. Electric Bicycle

Perhaps you’ve seen gaggles of girls riding electric mopeds, and thought about getting one. They’re cute, quick, and convenient…but so are electric bicycles.

The concept behind the two is the same: Riding either an electric moped or an electric bicycle will get you to nearby destinations more quickly than you’d get there on foot, and you won’t have to break a sweat on either one. They’re a great, green alternative to cars, using batteries instead of oh-so expensive gasoline.

Differences Between Mopeds and Bikes

The differences between them are a bit more subtle, and perhaps have something to do with perception. People who ride electric bicycles ride supped-up bikes: bikes with oomph, bikes with chutzpah, bikes will balls. People who ride electric mopeds ride something less than motorcycles.

Advantage: Electric Bicycles?

In terms of performance, electric bicycles outpace electric mopeds in a number of ways.

Going the Distance

Electric bicycles weigh a lot less than electric mopeds. You might be able to travel a bit farther on a moped, but what happens when its battery runs out of juice? You’ll probably be able to push it faster than you could pedal! And though electric bikes outweigh traditional cycles, they’re light enough for you to pedal them to the closest power outlet, should a battery meet an unexpected demise.

Consider an All-Terrain Alternative

The bigger wheels on electric bicycles make them more responsive and comfortable on uneven surfaces. You can even take them off-road, climbing up and down rocky terrain. Electric mopeds, with their smaller wheels, may let you to turn on the spot, but they’re best when ridden on smooth, predictable pavement.

Durability Combined With Performance

Some electric bike manufacturers like Aseako incorporate brand name, performance cycling components, like Shimano gears. Riding on one feels like you’re riding a bike. A really, really nice bike. And unlike many electric mopeds, they’re not made of plastic…if you accidentally bump a bollard while parking, you won’t have to replace an entire panel if you’re on an electric bicycle.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

On electric bikes, you get the best of both worlds: you’re on a bike, but with power assist if and when you need it. You can use it instead of a car to run errands or visit friends, but you probably won’t ever need to take a test to get a license, or insure it like you would some models of electric mopeds (most jurisdictions treat electric bikes just like they do regular bikes). And no matter where you ride, you’ll look like you’re on the best bike on the block, instead of on the slow stepchild of a motorcycle.

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