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Electric Bikes and Bicycles Canberra

ASEAKO Electric Bikes are committed to having the very best electric bikes. Canberra  is a great place to ride Electric Bikes as there are some great riding tracks and very scenic areas.

We sell many of our Electric bikes to customers in Canberra, and there is even an ASEAKO bike club which was started by one of our loyal customers. Buy online and pay a fraction of the retail price and we deliver all over Australia.

Our ASEAKO Electric bikes have a unique Mid Drive System which has significant advantages over the Hub Drive Electric Bikes.

The Patented Two Level Reducer, reduces the RPM of the High-Speed Brushless Motor from 2500 RPM to 65 RPM at the crank.

The Shimano Alivio gears are then used to adjust and transfer this torque to the rear wheel – this gives the rider the ability to navigate hilly terrain with ease – something many Hub-drive motors are not great at doing.

Hub drive motors are located in the centre of the front or real wheel so the torque of the motor cannot be increased or adjusted.

Here at Electric Bikes Canberra we have three models that you can purchase. Click here  to view our available models.-

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