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Zoco Xtreme 500w Electric Bike Top Speed Lockout

Electric Mopeds vs. Electric Bicycles

Electric Mopeds vs. Electric Bicycle Perhaps you’ve seen gaggles of girls riding electric mopeds, and thought about getting one. They’re cute, quick, and convenient…but so are electric bicycles. The concept behind the two is the same: Riding either an electric…

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Zoco 250w Electric Bicycle Handle

Motorised Bicycles Past to Present

Motorised Bicycles Past to Present Imagine you’re on Jeopardy! Here’s the question posed in the final round, in the category of Transportation: “In 1903, this motorised vehicle became the first to cross North America.” What’s the correct answer (in the…

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Aseako Tourney Large

Electric Bike Motor 101

Electric Bike Motor 101 You’re not imagining things—there are more electric bikes on the roadside—and off—than ever before. In 2010, sales of electric bicycles in the U.S. doubled over the previous year, mirroring trends set in Europe, Asia, Australia, and…

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